Viewing and ordering photos from your events

Viewing photos and order

on this page you can order photos of a particular event. For instance of weddings, Baptism services, Holy Communion services or private parties. You can order your photos via the order system below. ATTENTION: This order system is not freely accessible, only if you have received an email with the date, the name of the folder and the accompanying password, you can view the photos of your event/party on this page and order photos.

How do I order my photos?

On the right side of this page you can see folders (underneath Folders Below). These folders are sorted by date. If you have found your folder you can double click it. A password is needed. Fill in the password you received by email. After this you can view and order the photos. Payment is via Ideal.

If you cannot find the folder of your event, click on the arrows in the calendar and look for the date of your event. If the date is shown in a black box, there has been an event.

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